Interior Design Books: Get Inspired By Some Creative Kiwi Homes

I received this book as a gift two years ago for Christmas and honestly it is still a huge table talker! I know it grabs people’s attention because the cover is so bright but trust me the inside of the book is as much of a dream as the outside.

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Interior Design Trends 2016: How To Make A Statement With Your Bathroom Mirror!

If you need something to be excited about for 2016 then let it be this – buying yourself a stylish new bathroom mirror. Statement bathroom mirrors are one of the latest in interior design trends for 2016.

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Interior Design Styles: How To Spot A Traditional Interior

A traditional interior style originally stemmed from a more classic and European look. Features you will commonly see in a traditional interior are deep toned woods, ornate architectural details and elegant and classy furnishings.

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Interior Design Books: Novel Interiors (How To Style From The Novels You Love)

I have always enjoyed reading interior design books for inspiration and this particular book always captures my attention over and over again. Read more

5 Points To Consider When Choosing An Interior Designer

coupleatcomputer_cartoonHave a look at who is around before you decide on one designer. Most interior designers will have some sort of website or other social media platform to advertise themselves and their work. Take a look at their design styles and what they offer to see if that will work for you. Be open minded as the designer does not necessarily have to live in your city.

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Feature Walls!

If you’re like me and like clean simple design when choosing to feature a wall in any room in your home I like to make sure it is a clean wall and by this I mean – no windows or doors. The feature then becomes ” the wall without interruption” as you can see in this image below.

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