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Dark house exteriors: Let me show you why!

Lately I have been reading lots about dark house exteriors and what about them works so well. Of course what I really mean when I say I have been reading lots is more like 80% checking out photos and 20% actually reading 🙂. I have truly become hooked on.. Read more

Interior Design Styles: What Does A Contemporary Interior Look Like?

Many people get confused with what defines a contemporary styled interior. The most common mix up is between Modern and Contemporary styles and what’s the difference between them. So here is how to tell for yourself.

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Bedroom Headboards: How do you choose the right one?

When I started working here almost 3 years ago I had no interest what soever in headboards! I had never liked them and I truly thought I never would. But I soon enough found myself getting hooked on them and how actually incredibly creative one can get with a headboard!

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2016 Interior Design Trends: How To Work With Black Stainless Steel

Not all of the latest interior design trends I can really feel myself getting on board with – I assume this is mainly because I don’t really see myself as much of a follower of trends. However, this one has in has really caught my attention and I really want to see it in action!

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