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Interior Design Books: Need a little London in your life?

If you need a little London love and inspo in your life then this book is the best place to start. It has some of the most stylish spaces i have seen to date!


Creative Living London

Emily Wheeler

Photography by Ingrid Rasmussen

I’m always inspired by what’s going on in the world around me when it comes to design. I often get lost thinking about things that might be really ‘in’ right now in New Zealand but may not have even scratched the surface of people’s interest in somewhere else around the world. I find myself spending lots of time searching through the internet and find loads of interesting things to check but it can get a little overwhelming at times. So that’s why i love to check out some books every now and again and have a read about what different things might be making a designers mind tick all around the globe. This particular book i stumbled across in a bookstore while visiting my home in Nelson, NZ and i knew instantly that i wanted to fill my head with its pages.

This book features thirty four homes in London arranged by location from west through east taking into account some of the city’s most talked about neighbourhoods. It also covers a wide range of interiors from cottages to ex factories so it appeals to loads of different design styles as well. Here are just some of the pages i love.

IMG_5624 IMG_5625

Page 20: Adriana Natcheva, Architect. Studio Flat, Kensington.

Creates a warm and friendly environment through natural materials such as woods and leather and blends these with darker tones. She has collected an eclectic range of furniture which blend seamlessly together.

Pages 28 + 29: Marianne Cotterill, Stylist. Victorian House, Brondesbury

Blending classic antique furniture with more contemporary accessories through an eccentrically english style. Focussing on the decorative, glamorous and bohemian things in life – such a great mix! A personal favourite of mine because of the blended mix of patterns and the circular cushions – both big ticks in my books!

IMG_5626 IMG_5627

Page 39: Lisa Eldridge & Robin Derrick, Make-up Artist & Creative Director

Converted Piano Factory, Camden.

A bold and beautiful sofa takes centre stage in this living room with such a complementary range of mixed patterns in the cushions and rug.. While also incorporating the couple’s more personal interests of fashion and art framed behind. I love scattered frame walls – the mix up of colour, size and content is such a feature! Who needs wallpaper.

Pages 86 + 87: Graham Judkins, Interior Designer. Edwardian Mansion-Block Flat, Maida Vale.

The perfect balance of individual personality and style. Fresh and simple but still quirky and creative. A great blend of very individual pieces that wouldn’t necessarily need each other but work so well here so why not keep them all.

IMG_5628 IMG_5629

Page 123: Sebastian Conran, Product Designer. Victorian Terraced House, Bayswater.

The ideal open plan dining scenario – folding glass doors open out into the garden to blend dining in and out depending on the occasion. A great mix of natural colours from the wooden table and brown chairs through to the greenery outside.

Pages 156 + 157: Joelle Talmasse & Martyn Gayle, Interior Designers. Ex-council House, Notting Hill.

A comfortable and crisp bedroom space. Green hues are always such calming colours for a bedroom. The combination of greens from the rug and bedspread mixed with the bricks on the walls helps makes the space feel warm and inviting. The skylights and the mirrored surfaces help the space feel larger and lighter.

These are only some of the incredible spaces that appear in this book – i always try to pick a diverse range but honestly i always fall back to my faves and the ones that inspire me the most.

Get your hands on this book from a local bookshop or even the library and get some London inspired interior ideas for your home! I didn’t regret it.

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