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Interior Design With Emerald Green

Emerald green has become a favourite colour of ours here at Estilo Design and we are always trying to think of creative ways we can use it on different projects. I love the colour for the elegance it brings to any space, its sophistication, character, natural feel and comfort – it’s a real comfort colour!

During my endless amounts of internet searching I have come across loads of images that I think use emerald green so well and so I thought maybe it was time to share them all with you. Because the colour is so strong I feel it’s one of those ‘it speaks for itself’ situations and so I think i’ll let it do just that…  

emeraldgreen_2  emeraldgreen_9

emeraldgreen_6  emeraldgreen_5

The colour doesn’t fail to really lift a room! It makes a space feel stronger in character and almost creates a deeper attitude. It’s truly a colour to help create a real atmosphere and mood. It works in light and bright spaces as well as in more intimate and personal spaces.

emeraldgreen_3  emeraldgreen_1

It’s amazing as a strong solo feature colour and especially upholstered on furniture, seriously look at these two?!

emeraldgreen_8  emeraldgreen_10

Emerald green kitchens? Why the hell not! These two are beautiful and work amazingly well – normally I wouldn’t be into such a statement colour for a kitchen on such a large scale but these two make it look so simple and striking.

emeraldgreen_12  emeraldgreen_11

Even on tiles it looks incredible. Such a nice way to introduce colour in both of these spaces – so complimentary with the stark white as well.

Follow our ‘Emerald Green Interiors’ Pinterest board here so you can check out all the new editions when I find and add them in!

If you have seen any interiors that use emerald green so well let me know either in the comments below or email me eily@estilodesign.co.nz

Thanks 🙂

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