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Where To Find Interior Design Inspiration

One of things I often notice as an interior designer is that upon meeting and discussing ideas with new clients

they often have no idea of what they are really looking for in terms of their space. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this can be a great thing! It can mean they are open to anything and really want to push themselves and receive something new and creative. But, it can also make things harder. We can find ourselves constantly suggesting ideas that don’t inspire and never make it past the initial design stages because the client just ‘doesn’t know’ and can’t decide on what they really want.

So, my biggest suggestion to anyone thinking about making any interior design changes is to do some research into things you do and don’t like. This can actually be a lot of fun so sit back with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and get inspired!

The first place to start….

Find a couple of websites online that you like the look of. Personally, I always find it much easier to be inspired by things online if the website has a nice look and is easy to use. I always go to Pinterest to look for inspiration about ANYTHING because it’s so easy to use and it has a diverse range of things to look at and get inspired by, I literally get lost on there for hours 🙂

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But, if you aren’t into Pinterest which some people aren’t there is always Houzz and I discovered the other day a website called GAP Interiors which are more specific to looking at interiors and things for your home.

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Right, once you have chosen your platform search something simple like ‘interiors’ or if you are wanting inspiration for your bathroom go with that. There will be so many images to look through so starting broad is an easy way to get going. If you are using Pinterest create a couple of boards and get pinning. This way you can save the things you love for later – treat it as your new digital memory bank. You can create boards about styles, colours or even go room by room. We have an Estilo Design Pinterest account here and we have boards about wallpapers, fabrics etc and I even create a new board for each blog post so people can go to those for reference and get more of a feel for what the blog post was about. Pinterest is also great when you search a term like ‘interiors’ it gives you a whole load of options to personalise your search at the top like Scandinavian, white, bohemian etc. You can keep adding more terms if you find one than one that interests you. 

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Another thing you can do which can be fun for on the go is follow a whole bunch of interior designers or design gurus etc on Facebook and Instagram if you already use those platforms. Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook can all be accessed via web browser and apps on your devices.  Instagram is great for searching hashtags like #interiors or #interiordesign. These tags will literally come up with millions of images to look through and you can follow inspiring people from all over the world. You can find our Instagram here as well, it’s pretty cool 🙂

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Once you have found some pretty awesome stuff put it out into the world to see if it works within your space, see how much you really like it or how long it last without you getting sick of haha. I always put my fun finds on my phone, Ipad and desktop screens or print things out and pin them up. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I create mood boards because I really don’t have that much spare time on my hands but if that’s what works for you then eat your heart out sister!

There are so many more ways than what I have shown you above to find inspiration for your interiors. I am an avid magazine reader and have three that I have been religiously purchasing for years Frankie, HOME New Zealand and Simply You Living which are all equally great and offer different things! I often find my inspiration outdoors as well or even in the homes of friends. Start taking notice of the spaces you visit like cafes, parks etc and why you like going to them. Maybe this will be your starting point.

But, if after all of this if you are still struggling to find things that inspire you and that you really like don’t let it stop you from turning your home or workplace or wherever you’re imaging into an awesome space that you will love being in daily! Get in touch with someone for help and get the ball rolling that way. Maybe you are just the person from the beginning of this blog post who has no ideas and are open to anything!

If you have any questions or places you love to go to find inspiration of any kind comment below or send me an email on eily@estilodesign.co.nz

Below are just a couple of the places I check out on the regular to find new things and be inspired by 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 2.37.39 PM  Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 2.38.37 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 2.39.13 PM  Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 2.42.44 PM

IMG_5849  IMG_5854

 IMG_5852  IMG_5853

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