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Interior Design Styles: The 5 Must Do’s For An Industrial Interior

So, you’re interested in industrial styled interiors… what it is about the style that you like?

The natural colour tones, the mix of materials, the eclectic collection of furniture, the open plan layout?

Personally, I am all for the industrial look WHEN it is executed perfectly. This means starting with the space. Big warehouses, garages, factories and all that jazz yes! Let’s make it happen and take advantage of the large open spaces, high ceilings and the ‘grunge’ surrounding surfaces. These kind of places weren’t meant to be transformed into boring multi level new apartments and lose all their character.

Growing up in NZ and especially whilst studying design in Wellington people were always talking about the ‘New York Loft’ and how it would awesome to live in one. I don’t know if it was just a faze or what but I remember it was a hot topic. When someone did find themselves in some kind of loft scenario it always caused such a big fuss and everyone wanted to see. When in reality it would just turn out to be some kind of overpriced and scummy old building that was extremely dirty and no parent ever wanted their child to live in.

However, these are the spaces that always have the potential to become the best industrial styled interiors. They have all the right bones in all the right places and they just need someone with a little money and some awesome ideas to take them under their wing.  So for those people out their thinking about creating some awesome industrial inspired spaces sometime soon here is a list of the 5 must do’s for an industrial styled interior.

#1 Structure and Surfaces

industrial_interiors_1  industrial_interiors_2

It’s all about the rough surfaces with loads of texture. If your space features exposed pipes, steel beams or columns keep them! Brick, unfinished wood, concrete and stainless all work wonders with this interior style so make the most of these and keep them as features. The warm tones in the brick and woods will help balance out the cool tones from the concrete and stainless steel as well. The most common flooring choices for an industrial styled space are polished concrete, timber or stone. Just work with what you’ve got and be proud of the structure! Keep it authentic and just tidy it up a little bit.

#2 Colour

Industrial_interiors_3 Industrial_interiors_4

Industrial styled interiors normally steer clear of bright and bold colours and are more about neutral and warm colour tones. Use shades of blacks through to grey with whites, browns and woods to balance out the space. As you can see above both work wonders in different ways. The left picture more moody and sophisticated compared to the right a lighter and refreshing look.

#3 Furniture

Industrial_interiors_5 Industrial_interiors_6

Large pieces of furniture especially tables and sofas are great in industrial inspired spaces. Choose big comfortable sofas in strong colours and blend with lighter colours and textured cushions. For great industrial spaces collect furniture from all over old, new, repurposed the lot. The eclectic mix of shapes, materials and quality (or should i say look) will be what makes the space quirky and interesting – and well it needs to, to keep up with the strong industrial style. Be creative as well – this is where bringing in materials like old pipes and metals can be cool mixed with woods and stone and so on. If you’ve got the floor and or wall space use it!

#4 Lighting and Decor

Industrial_interiors_7 Industrial_interiors_8

This is where you can bring in more natural elements like plants. Plants bring life and energy into the space and their shades of colour tones add warmth and a touch of personality to any room. They are also especially great if this warehouse or factory you are living in lacks a back or front yard. Be bold and get a mix of big and small leaves, large and small scale and for the floor, tables and hanging. Big pendant lights work great in industrial styled interiors in different neutral colours and materials. Basically keep them big and simple. But equally that string set of exposed bulbs in the left picture compliments the large pendants nicely as well! In terms of other decor items large art pieces for the walls look great – especially up against brick and concrete surfaces. I love the glass jugs small and large in the picture on the right and the fluffy throw. I think this is just another opportunity to have a play and bit of fun with making these spaces feel like your own and like a home.

#5 Passion

Industrial_Interiors_9 Industrial_interiors_10

You need to find a good amount of want, desire and a load of passion if you want to pull this all off! One of the things I love most about industrial interiors is how completely creative and carried away you can get with them. I mean, like all interior styles you really can make it your own and add little personal touches to make the space unique. Like me, I would be the image of the left adding in the mustard throw because I couldn’t live without at least something bold in my life. Find the passion and get going! These spaces are waiting to be rediscovered all over the world so grab life in both hands and make it happen.

So, please let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas about this blog in the comments below or send me an email eily@estilodesign.co.nz. Happy weekend 🙂

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